Happy Clients

When my mom, age 88 and a fall risk, was no longer able to live at home alone, I had no idea where to begin looking for alternative arrangements. I was given Carol Spears…I can’t say enough amazing things about her. She provided me with valuable assistance and resources…Carol has worked in this industry for many years and has a wealth of information and knowledge; I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who may have this need for their loved one.

I am writing this blurb so it may be used as a REVIEW or a TESTIMONIAL pertaining to “NEWPORT SENIOR LINK” but more specifically and importantly about it Director of Operations SARA WOODARD.

Approximately 18 months ago I met Sara Woodard and it turned out to be one of the most beneficial meetings in my entire adult life.

There is neither time nor room to express my GRADITUDE and SATISFACTION for what Sara Woodard has done for my 84-year old mothers living arrangements and my “PEACE OF MIND”. I want to say THANK YOU to Sara and HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services for anyone that finds themselves in the same position I was in. My Mom is thriving and I feel as if I have had a burden lifted from my shoulders. Thanks Sara.

Jerry T.

Dear Sara,

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for us leading up to today and over the past several months. You helped us achieve a surmountable turning point in the toughest ongoing venture I’ve ever endured. This deal couldn’t have been better timed or priced. As you know, dad is moving into a memory care unit and mom will be in the standard ALF room. We’ve secured mom & dad’s new home at the Assisted Living that you recommended with the deposit and we’re working something out for mom into a room with a great view of the fireworks!

I imagine you must hear this often; your assistance and support were so paramount throughout this journey, but it’s your friendship and emotional strength are the most treasured attributes. Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering if they make a difference in the world, I’m quite certain you don’t have that problem! (paraphrase of a great Ronald Reagan quote).


Michael P.

Dear Daphne,

Dad is asking me for help in planning his last phase. He is still fairly active and even golfs but at 84 he is winding down rapidly. Recently, he expressed concern about what he will do. The first thought that came to me was “Daphne”

My Mother’s last days were challenging but your intervention made the most of it. Incredibly you met all her wishes, which I will say were very demanding. It is too bad that she had so little time to benefit from the miracle you performed for her.

She loved you as part of our family.

My Father is nowhere near as demanding. In fact he tries to bring joy to others. He was visiting nursing homes for many years to entertain them, performing magic tricks, talking with them and singing. He hasn’t done it in several years since he stopped driving.

You are an Angel to those in need and I cannot ever forget what you did for my Mom and how you stayed up to date with her. Why aren’t we all like you?

With love, respect, and admiration,

Mike H.

Orlando, FL

Daphne, Thank you so very much! I cannot and will not be able to express to you how VERY GRATEFUL I am to you and always will be. Mom just called me to let me know you stopped by and said “Hi”. I do not recall if I have ever seen or felt my mom to be so content and (dare I say) happy. THANK YOU!

Many Blessings,


Winter Park, FL

I just want to tell anyone who needs assistance with finding an assisted living in Central Florida that Newport Senior Link is a wonderful resource. I was referred to Newport Senior Link in August of 2013 when I found out that my mother could no longer afford the Assisted Living Facility that she had been living in for over 3 years. Basically mom’s care had increased to a level where the cost was going to exceed $4300/month when our budget was a little over $3,000/mo. We thought that the only option we had was a nursing home… but when I spoke to Kevin, he helped educate me on other options. He referred me to 3 smaller ALF homes and we found the perfect fit for mom. It’s now been 5 months since mom relocated and she is doing better now that she has done in the past few years. We are truly grateful and feel blessed to have received this help. I can’t thank them enough!!!


Orlando, FL

Good Morning Sheila:

I want you to know how much the family appreciated your quick and efficient assistance during a very difficult time.

You responded to my phone and emails with extreme promptness. You even offered to come to my Mother’s home to discuss the options we could consider. You placed calls to the facilities we were considering so we could visit them that very afternoon!

If that wasn’t enough you drove me around to the three facilities we were considering. During these visits you were very helpful, professional and courteous.

With your help, the family was able to move quickly and with confidence that we were selecting the right facility for our Mother.

Again, thank you.

All the best,

Darryl L.

Hi Bridget! Can you be believe it I accomplished my goal of getting my Uncle in a safe and happy environment. It was very difficult for my Aunt and Cousins but I think they know it’s for the best. Thank you so much for your help and assurance along the way. If you can believe it I’m onto my next assignment. My Mom fell in Michigan while visiting my sister and she is the caregiver for my Dad. So I’m here helping my family out. Thank you again for all your kindness during a very emotional time in my life.


Brian, I want to thank you for finding such a great option for our mother. Due to her dementia, her previous assisted living was telling us that she had to enter into their “memory care section” or “locked” portion of the building and she was not going to be able to take her dog with her. That dog, as you know, seems to be her best friend these days. Well you helped us find a great memory care facility that was in her budget (which is not the $5-6,000/month memory care options that seem to be the norm these days) that allowed her to keep her dog with her and you will never know how happy we are to know that Mom is happy. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Dear Brian & Kevin,

Thank you so much for all that you do. You will never know how much help you were to me. I can’t thank you enough! We took Dad from the nursing home to the Assisted Living on Saturday and when we got there he immediately started talking to one of the gentlemen there. Dad seemed to fit right in.

I believe you were called by God to do this service. You both have such compassion for what you do and it comes through. Praise God I am able to have peace of mind because God put the two of you in my path. Thanks again.


Kevin helped me when I needed to discharge from the nursing home into an assisted living. He was very kind and patient with me in showing me which options I had to choose from. After I chose the facility, Kevin has stopped by twice to make sure that I was doing well. I appreciate the help that he has shown.

Carlos G.

Orlando, FL

Newport Senior Link was incredible. My mother was discharged from a Rehab Nursing Home and we couldn’t take care of her at home. The nursing home refused to take her back and we had to find a place immediately for her since we could not properly care for her. We were referred to Newport Senior Link and within 1 day they came to our home to meet mom and our family, made some phone calls, sent one of the owners of an assisted living to our home to meet us and assess mom, and the next day we had a place for mom to go. This all took place within 24 hours. I very very much appreciate it… thank you. You guys are unbelievable, amazing, awesome people to have helped me so quickly and with such compassion.


Groveland, FL

Dear Kevin, I would like to sincerely thank you for your expedient response in all that you have researched and took the time to show me some of the places you thought would be of interest to my mother. I appreciate how you reached out and listened to my concerns, especially understanding this is a new chapter in my mom’s life as well as our family and my brothers families. With your phone number only being my second phone call on this unknown research to Assistant Living options, you made it a very calming and a hopeful experience which also has led me to other sources so I can better understand this difficult situation. Thank you again for your help,

Diane V.

Orlando, FL

Thank you, Brian and Newport Senior Link, for going the extra mile for Mom when we thought we had run out of options!! She is happy and well cared for in her new home !!!


Newport Senior Link Client

You really listened to us and found exactly the place we wanted! Mom is so happy! Thanks again!


Newport Senior Link Client

I wanted to thank you once again for your rapid response and placement! I didn’t think it was possible!


Hospital Case Manager

You helped me more than I will ever know! I didn’t realize there was anything out there like this! I am so relieved that Grandma is in a safe place. Thank you, Bridget!


Newport Senior Link Client

I have been working with seniors for the past 24 years. Brian has been an excellent resource to me and always knows exactly what to do in a pinch. When I have a senior who needs help, I always call on Brian, and he always comes through. I would recommend Brian and Newport Senior Link to anyone in need. He is amazing!


Director, Winter Spring Senior Center

You are the bomb! I can’t believe how fast you can get people placed!


Home Health Owner/Operator

I want to take the time to thank you for all your counsel and guidance in the placement of my dad from a re-hab to an assisted living facility. Without your help, I am sure I would have never figured out how to handle the situation. From your suggestion to get involved with a VA Aid & Attendance consultant (for my dad’s benefits) to seeking a better secondary insurance coverage, your suggestions have been invaluable and a Godsend economically for my Dad. It was also a great benefit to me to have a roadmap with specific steps that have allowed me to know I have done the very best for my Dad. Thank you so much once again from both myself and my Dad!


Greg C.

Clermont, FL

Brian & Kevin,

You are both very professional, kind, understanding and caring people. Your help in my time of need was a God send! I was confused, alone and at times desperate, but your easy manner and business knowledge eased my mind. You made me feel like I had friends looking out for me.

Your staying in touch with me and following up on my Dad’s comfort at the facility is such a blessing to me. I’m praying for your business to expand with high integrity people (like yourselves) to work with you in your growth.

I can’t say thank you enough. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! – Miss Libby P.S. – Please send some heat my way will you?! It’s Chilly here in Skowhegan Maine!!!

Thank you, Brian, for all of your help. You found the perfect place for my grandma (and so quickly!)… she is so happy and comfortable!

Sue R.

Newport Senior Link Client